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Advantages Description
  • Highly Portable Offline Filtration Unit
  • Increased maintenance economy and  operating security
  • Filtration down to 0.1µ
  • Excellent water and varnish removal capabilities
  • Increased life of system components
  • Suitable for mineral based fluids and many synthetic fluids
  • Suitable for systems up to 18000 litres (viscosity and system dependant)
Technical Specification    
Working Pressure 0.8 - 5 Bar  
Approx. flow at 3 bar 32 cSt 46 cSt 68 cSt
12 L/min 9 L/min 6 L/min
Electric Requirements 110 V AC , 16 Amp
Filter Insert EF500HY
Material Filter Housing Stainless Steel
Material Filter Element Cellulose/Polymide
Grade of Cleaning > 0.1 µm
Safety Valve Yes, Set @ 6 Bar
Frame Simple Stainless Steel construction
Hydraulic Connections Connection In ¾”BSP; Connection out 3/8”BSP
Max Oil Temp 80°C  
Hoses Can be supplied to suit client requirements (standard 3m long)
Dims/Weight 955W x 700H x 500D mm  /  57kg (Dry)

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