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Advantages Description
  • Display cleanliness classes to ISO and SAE or NAS
  • Integrated AquaSensor AS 1000 for measuring humidity and temperature
  • Suitable for hydraulic fluids up to 68 cSt
  • Can be for both pressure and no pressurised circuits
  • Convenient visualisation, archiving and data processing using the FluMoS software
Technical Specification    
Display LED, 6/4/4 - digit  
Measuring range Display of ISO code 9/8/7 (min) to 25/24/23 (max)
Measurement flow rate 30…300 mL/min (depending on viscosity)
Operating pressure (standard use) -0.5 … 45 Bar
Supply voltage 24VDC ( Supplied with 240V – 24V DC PSU and 110v – 24V DC PSU)
PC Connection USB interface,
Weight 13 K

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