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Proactive Care Services
Fluids are an integral part of any type of fluid power system, but too commonly, this component of the system is overlooked and becomes the leading cause of equipment failures, excessive downtime, and budget killing repair costs.  Largely, this can be attributed to companies putting their time and money into preparing for failures rather than eliminating failures.   Because hydraulic fluids are the “life blood” of the system, Micron Eagle has developed a Proactive Care Service (PCS) that aids companies in preventing system failures, maximizing uptime and reducing repair costs.
The goal of Micron Eagle’s Proactive Care Service (PCS) is to work with companies in developing preventive and corrective actions, which are essential in gaining optimum service life of the fluid.  To achieve these objectives, the PCS incorporates a customized program built on incorporating the below objectives:
Initial Reliability Assessment
  • Current operating conditions
  • Current equipment assessment
  • Visual inspection
  • OEM requirements
  • Fluid contamination level
  • Equipment history
  • Current maintenance practices
Follow-up Report and Recommendations
  • Current system operating condition
  • List of all proactive maintenance tasks
  • Recommendations for system improvement
Additional Offerings
  • Lube oil analysis and reporting
  • Procedure writing
  • Proactive maintenance scheduling
  • PCS Full Service
  • Equipment repair and services
  • Contamination control solutions

Wasted Money
Time based filter and fluid changes puts your system at risk as changing too early can be a waste of money, and changing to late reduces the equipment's service life; costing excessive money to be spent on repairs.

The only true way to tell when it is time to change is by oil monitoring and analysis.