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Microparticles, moisture and salt cause oil to lose its lubricating qualities, leading to corrosion, additive degradation and the formation of varnish and deposits. This causes mechanical parts – such as valves – to stick, seize up and become worn, which in turn leads to costly, time-consuming repair and maintenance work.


The Europafilter cleaning system is similar to a human kidney, gradually cleaning the lubricant every time it passes through your system – until it is spotless.

Most oil filters are capable of filtering to roughly 2-5 μm, in accordance with ISO and NAS standards. However, studies have shown that 70% of the contaminants in oil are smaller than 1 μm.



Our unique, patented capillary filtration system is able to catch these harmful microparticles, because it filters out particles as small as 0.1 μm. Not only that, but it also filters water and salt out of the lubricant, thereby preventing oxidation and corrosion. Despite our focus being on microscopic filtration, the capacity of our system is far from microscopic. Before a replacement filter is required, the Europafilter will trap up to 1755 g of microparticles, up to 3 litres of water or a combination of both.

We are dedicated to reducing our collective impact on the environment, so it will come as no surprise that our system is entirely chemical-free. The Europafilter has been designed to help the environment stay as fresh and productive as your oil