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Micron Eagle Hydraulics Inc,
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Please allow us to introduce you to Micron Eagle Hydraulics, Inc. and the many services we can provide.
We are leaders in the hydraulic component repair and service industry providing Repairs, Field Service, HPU Fabrication, New Sales, and Hydraulic Rental Equipment to the following industries:
Oilfield, Industrial, Marine, Mobile Nitrogen Pumping Units, Construction, Forestry, and Mining.
“Pickup and delivery included in every repair, normal 3 to 5 day turnaround with 24 hr. turnaround upon request.”

Our Repair Department rebuilds and services all brands of pumps, motors, cylinders, and gearboxes.
Sauer / Sundstrand
Parker / Denison
Oil Gear / Hydura
Kawasaki / Staffa
Von Ruden / WSI

Our in house 450 horsepower test stand allows us to verify all factory specifications are met with each repair.
Our repaired components are delivered with a one year after installation warranty comparable with the manufacturer.
A Micron Eagle technician can be present at your location to assist in the start-up / adjustment of your repaired hydraulic component or system upon request.
Our Fabrication Department designs and fabricates all sizes of custom hydraulic power units for any application. Our power units are delivered complete with operations manuals and drawings in both hard copy form and electronic form.
Our Rental Department has a variety of portable power units and oil maintenance equipment available for onsite oil filtration or water removal. Flushing services are also available which include onsite oil cleanliness monitoring.
We Manufacture, Rent and Sell the MicronFiner a particle and water removal unit. Typically these are permanent installation where downtime is not permitted to inspect and change the oil on a regular routine basis. Extremely large hydraulic systems have our MicronFiner unit installed where the replacement of the hydraulic oil is not an economical option.

We have also installed the Europafilter in applications where varnish and water contamination risks are high such as offshore cranes, ships deck mounted cranes as well as hydraulic driven bow thrusters, main HPU's and ballast control systems.
Our Field Service Department is capable of traveling to your location for removing components to be repaired or replaced. We also troubleshoot onsite to reduce downtime by isolating the cause of the problem and recommending the repair or replacement of the faulty component.
NOTE: We are the exclusive service and repair representative in the Southern United States for Servo Kinetics of Ann Arbor, Michigan. They are now the only authorized Vickers 2000 series manufacturer in the world, they have all manufacturing rights on these open loop pumps and bent axis motors.
These Vickers pumps and motors are commonly used in large forging press applications, steel mills, paper mills and nuclear power facilities.

Please do not hesitate to contact us 24/7: Micron Eagle Office: 713-812-0720.

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