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The Micron Finer Series of products are designed for use on pressurized and non-pressurized hydraulic and lubrication systems with oil volumes up to 6,000 gallons, and engineered to maintain oils at standard ISO 15/13/10, typically better than new oil quality.  The system maintains the oil quality by continuous removal of particles, free and emulsified water, and sludge and acids in a two-stage process.


Stage one utilizes natural, 100% long-strand cotton fibers to capture particles >1 micron. Stage two in the purification process is a patented flash evaporation process that dehydrates the oil, removes chemical contamination, and water content is removed down to 100 ppm (0.01%).

Furthermore, during the thin film process, harmful gasses that aid in the creation of acids are vented off and thereby removed. Slow passage of the oil through the filter element achieves the best filtration results, ensuring clean oil on your equipment 24/7.

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