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L Series Pump 23

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Quiet Operation

  • The 13-tooth gears, versus 10 teeth in previous pumps, minimizes the flow ripple. This reduces noise as well as vibration.
  • The improved trap relief not only increase power, they also help keep oil flowing smoothly to reduce noise.

Improved Efficiency

  • Improved bearing lubrication system uses inlet oil instead of high pressure oil, improving volumetric efficiency for more power output.
  • The highly polished shaft and gears improve mechanical efficiency and reduce wear on these components, adding to the service life and reliability of the pump.
  • The optimized trapped oil relief areas help reduce pressure ripple for quieter operation. This also decreases the input power requirements.

Field Reversible

  • The innovative new wear plate permits simple field reversibility of the pump direction. Simply open the pump, switch the drive gear and idler gear, reposition the plug and reassemble. No extra parts are needed


  • The Series 26 Gear Pump has been designed to retrofit equipment using the B1 and B2 Gear Pumps. Extra shafts, porting, and mounting configurations, as well as 13 available displacements, give you the choices you need for an easy conversion to this superior pump.

Rotation Field - Reversible
Mounting Flange - SAE A 2 Bolt
Max. Continuous Pressure† - 210 bar [3000 PSI]*
Max. Intermittent Pressure†† - 240 bar [3500 PSI]**
Minimum Speed at Continuous Pressure - 750 RPM
Maximum Rotating Torque at 0 Pressure - 4 Nm [36 lb-in]
Maximum Continuous Operating Temperature - 105°C [220°F]
Minimum Continuous Oil Viscosity - 5.7 cSt [45 SUS]
Minimum Operating Temperature - -29°C [-20°F]
Maximum Inlet Vacuum at Operating Condition - 0,8 bar Abs. [11.6 psi Abs.]



Manufacturer: Allweiler

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