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The Denison P14 and P24 in the gold cup series are unsurpassed efficiency 

  • Quick change valve block - easy to service or replace.
  • Quick change controls - easy to service and change.
  • Dampened low inertia rocker cam - more stable, quieter and faster than other designs.
  • Exclusive zero-backlash rotary servo design - lifetime accuracy.
  • Field adjustable compensator override - easily adjusted without removing from machinery.
  • Precision barrel bearing, a distinctive Denison Hydraulics feature for over 30 years - permits high speeds, high pressure and provides long life.
  • Versatile controls - can be located on either side of pump or motor for maximum freedom of design .
  • Ring style replenishing checks fastest operation with no sliding poppets or parts and low pressure drop.
  • Hot oil shuttle available - fast, reliable operation.
  • Auxiliary pump can be changed without disassembling the transmission.
  • Standard SAE keyed or splined drive shafts are available.
  • High pressure mechanical shaft seals can be changed without disassembling the transmission. Double lip seals are also available.
  • One piece stroking vane/cam means no lost motion, zero backlash, better control, and no linkages to wear out.
  • Stroking vane seals are pressure loaded for longer life.
  • Standard compensator vent ports allow for a wide variety of controls (See Applications Manual).
  • Rocker cam displacement indicator helps troubleshoot the system.
  • Modulated servo pressure saves power.
  • Standard Code 62 SAE split flange connections.
  • Conforms to SAE mounting standards.
  • Fast compensator response.
  • Variable motors available for multiple speed ranges or constant power.

Manufacturer: Denison