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Worldcup Series

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The Denison Hydraulics Worldcup 6, 7, and 8 axial piston pumps feature advance
design concepts which are time proven and provide for advance pumping and control
The main rotating group is the same as in the Goldcup hydrostatic transmissions that
have been in service for more than 24 years.
Standard control for the Worldcup units is a pressure Compensator. Additional optional
controls are also available.
This pump is designed to operate in any position. The mounting hub and four bolt
mounting flange are in full conformance with SAE standard. The pump shaft must be
in alignment with the shaft of the source driver and should be checked with a dial indicator. The mounting pad or adapter into which the fluid pump pilots must be concentric
with the pump shaft to prevent bearing failure. This concentricity is particularly important if the shaft is rigidly connected to the driving load without a flexible coupling

Manufacturer: Denison

Specification Term Series 6  Series 7 Series 8
displacement zero (theoretical) in.3/rev 6.0 7.25 8.0
pressure continuous. psi 5000 5000 3600
intermittent max. psi 6000 6000 4500
speed, maximum rev/min 3000 3000 2100
case pressure psi. continuous 75 75 75
case pressure psi.intermittent 125 125 125